50 Shades of Jazz: Life Note of Gratitude

14 Dec

This post by Jazzybeatchic is special, ladies and gentlemen. The lessons of Jazz are used a metaphor for the lessons of life. Incredibly beautiful, IMO.

Fifty Shades of Jazz

Kadinsky -Courbe dominante 1936

Dear Dad,

Thank you for the lessons on life in 1965 where you created a phenomenal year of Jazz from  the Monterey Jazz Festival to the Grand Opening of the Music Center in L.A.  Thank you for the song you wrote for me…when I was three years old.  


I learned that timing is critical in jazz as in life,

Knowing when to stop, start, step it up, slow it down

and more so important is learning how to wait thru the strife.

Jazz harmony a theory and practice of changing dominant and tonic chords,

where major and minor share the same syncopated space in a timeless bond…

Progressions depart in thirds and stacked fourths

favoring harmonic progressions where tensions are in intervals of 9ths, 11ths, or 13ths abound.


I learned that the search for meaning, intentions and having the blues

is about finding your truth and appreciating a…

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