Ho Ho Ho! Navigator Santa’s coming to EDDD town

23 Dec

Hi everyone. With the recent major ice storm that has gone through south eastern Ontario Canada, poor blogger LindaGHill slipped on a treacherous front step and suffer a minor concussion. I’m hanging out at her blog lindaghill.wordpress.com to keep it going while she is out of commission. Hopefully she’ll be back soon. Why not come and show Linda some wordpress love at her place? Thanks,

While the very delightful LindaGHill, blogger extraordinaire, recovers from her ice storm battle scars—wounded in action, or WIA as we like to say—, it falls to me to (wo)man the ramparts of this blogosphere bastion. The chain of command remains intact.

Right. So when I was in grade 1, a wee lad all of six years old, I had the venerable old Mrs. Thompson for my teacher. Not only did she strap me for talking in class, she actually once gave me detention for Valentine’s Day.

This little boy didn’t like arts and crafts. Mrs. T had deemed that my Valentine heart didn’t meet her standard for my mother, so the Thompsonator kept me after class until I got it right.

Mean old bat. No wonder I have issues.

As the image above shows, there is a reason why I didn’t like arts and crafts. I flat out suck at…

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2 Responses to “Ho Ho Ho! Navigator Santa’s coming to EDDD town”

  1. cttbbelliott December 25, 2013 at 1:50 pm #

    Yes, Linda says she is grateful for the many well wishes and that she is coming around. Those concussions can really be trouble.


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    […] culinary tastes quite different (Head to Trader Joes)  and have discovered he has questionable gift wrapping talents but I’ll cut him some slack since he’s the same age as me You can find Nav at his blog […]

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