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Child Support

2 Sep

I’ve come to admire Opinionated Man’s blog Harsh Reality. His post on child support resonated with me as a divorced father. The reality for us divorced fathers is even worse than OM realizes, and I’ll be blogging (and writing) about this in the future . Child support is a tree in a bigger forest that remains invisible at present. (“Couldn’t see the forest for the trees.”)

The Harsh Reality – forgive the pun – is that child support systems are typically engineered to force divorce dads into being “deadbeats.” Once analyzed, this is what child support systems are actually accomplishing, despite rhetoric to the contrary. They are debt traps for divorced fathers. They are a self-fulfilling prophesy of sorts.

It is the system itself which is producing as many “deadbeat” dads as it can, and there is a sinister reason why this is so. Sinister enough that it provoked me into writing my first book.

For now, kudos to OM for bringing attention to this important topic.