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Lay a Little Love on leftylola

17 Jun
Down, but not out. The Mark of a true champion.

Down, but not out. The mark of a true champion.


I broke into blogging with Opinionated Man’s “Project O” series of introduction posts on his HarsH ReaLiTy blog, back in September of 2013. I met many of my blogging friends there, and it was a brilliant contribution of his to the WordPress community.

One of my wonderful such blogging friends is leftylola, who’s battled a serious eating disorder for a large part of her life. LeftyL–a.k.a. Nikki of New Jersey, who was Project O #50 back on 13 September 2013, or thereabouts–has had a rough go of it in the recent past, but she’s no quitter. As she climbs her way back out of her own personal Pit of Despair, why don’t we all show her a little love to help her along her ascent?

“<” + “3” = ❤

You can leave some love for LL at her Not Dead Yet post today. (She apparently likes a book called The Mirror, so there’s no accounting for taste. };-)>)